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Finding talent is never simple, and finding managers to lead and drive operations is an even bigger challenge, especially if the target market for operations is not within your group’s main country. Lacking connections and network or credibility, an understanding of local culture and hiring practices, communication challenges, or even lacking a home base from which to do recruiting; all of these can be major inhibitions in entering a foreign market. Hiring staff in China can be even more challenging, considering the country’s heavy business restrictions and unique policies. For all your human resource challenges, the CBC Human Resource group is ready to support, and this includes executive search in China. Let us put our expertise to use for your search for leadership. Whether it is knowledge and experience in the field and expertise in the local market, network and connections needed to advance the search, training and professionalism of recruiting staff, or dedication in integrity to serve clients and potential hires, our group has the skills, resources, and proven ability to meet your recruiting needs including as an executive search company in China. Count on us to find and bring the people, the leaders to drive the organization, to pilot the teams you need to build in order to accomplish your goals.

China is an exciting, expansive, yet complex market with challenges to go along with all of its great potential. With over a billion citizens and over 500 million internet users, China is a market rich with trade and consumption potential, but also a huge pool of potential talent for work in any organization. We have the tools to navigate it for you. Our offices operate out of all major Chinese cities, including Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou, and Shenzhen. Our recruiters speak several languages, including the major Chinese dialects, English, German, French, and Japanese, and have experience recruiting foreign and local experts in a diversity of fields. Finding executive staff with the skills and communication abilities needed to develop your business, take charge of internal projects, and lead your business into the Chinese market, give CBC’s China executive search your headhunters, executive recruiters in China..


"Our company started to work with CBC since 2005 and since then they have helped us with replacement of very important positions in China. CBC has very capable multilingual team who also understand our culture and way of doing business. Working with them makes recruiting in China easy. " Mark (Swiss), GM of Fortune 500