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Current Seeking Position

  • Job Title
  • Industry
  • Location of working
  • Date of publication
  • Marketing Manager
  • Building material industry
  • Shanghai
  • 20 Sep 2018
  • themed promotion(no less than 4 themed promotion on annual basis)
  • various of consumer oriented event
  • FGS OTO service
  • internal and external magazines
  • PR campaigns and annual crisis management
  • dealer and promoter incentive
  • Project specific support: sample management / developer seminar
  • Project communication materials: developer / designer / KA targeted
  • internal marketing coordinator on project support
  • Relevant Working Experience:
  • Significant experience (generally 6+ years) in marketing, sales, and/or engineering in building material, sanitary, furniture, decoration material, or a closely related field is required.
  • Required Knowledge, Ability and Skills:
  • Strong Communication and presentation capability.
  • Creative and result orientation
  • Leadership skills and training experience
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  • General Manager
  • Mechanical industry
  • Wuxi
  • 20 Sep 2018
  • Leads the management team at China, formulates and administers tasks and goals for the direct subordinates as well as for key functions such as engineering leads or safety supervision
  • Implement yearly goals for the management team - Has open door policies while constantly seeking the direct contact with all operators to act as a leader.
  • Interacts daily with the HR department to see, observe and resolve human resource problems
  • Proposes long-term goals and initiatives to continuously improve quality as well as operational efficiency.
  • Reviews analyses of productions reports, production efficiency, costs, quality reports on production output and customer feedbacks and triggers corrective actions.
  • Meets daily with his key staff.
  • Provides support and solutions to resolve operational, manufacturing problems to ensure minimum costs and prevent operational delays and to meet future growth.
  • Initiates facility program improvements to ensure a functional infrastructure for timely and uninterrupted deliveries of our products .
  • Provides support to our international sister companies in supplying production support tools, indirect materials and engineering support.
  • Supports and provides engineering resources to the Corporate Engineering Manager.
  • Qualification:
  • Fluent English
  • Chinese (written and oral, mother language a plus)
  • Master’s degree or equivalent in Technical field such as Mechanics, Electronics, Automation, Robotics, Industrial design
  • min 3 years’ related experience in multinational/ Chinese company in China
  • Business Acumen and Business Sense, Communication Proficiency, Problem Solving/Analysis, Project Management, Supervisory Responsibility.
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  • Plant GM
  • Mechanical industry
  • Taicang
  • 20 Sep 2018
  • The overall Strategic, operational and budget responsibility at Taicang factory (project management, production, work preparation, QM, logistics, administration) with approximately 40 employees
  • Independent and autonomous mass production of gear components (turning, grinding, gear cutting) for the Chinese automotive industry and its suppliers in close coordination with the production plants
  • Planning, control and optimization of operational and production processes under technical and economic aspects. Control and planning of Deadlines, capacities and quality
  • Planning and lead-through of projects including support of existing customers and acquisition of new customers in China. Representation of the Technology Group internally and externally.
  • Personnel selection and management of employees, including training and personnel deployment Planning of manpower in a multi-shift operation.
  • Ensuring an orderly administrative business process.
  • Ensuring a guarantee compliance process with all regulations relating to occupational and plant safety and environmental protection
  • Requirements:
  • Technical studies (mechanical engineering, production engineering, etc.) or comparable training with multi-years in management and leadership responsibility as a production manager / plant manager or deputy with relevant professional experience in the areas of production planning, production control, work preparation, manufacturing technology, etc
  • Very good assessment and problem-solving skills, customer and process orientated, communication skills, leadership and motivational skills, hands-on mentality and able to work under pressure
  • Leadership personality with experience in the development and integration of employees in a international, German corporate group
  • Strong assertiveness and self-responsibility, willingness to change and drive things forward, high degree of initiative, independence and accuracy
  • Enjoy working with flat hierarchy, short decision-making paths in a dynamic, successful group company
  • Native Chinese person; fluent in English spoken and written and German would be desirable
  • Willingness to travel within China and abroad, absolutely loyal
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  • Supply chain manager
  • Mechanical industry
  • Shanghai
  • 20 Sep 2018
  • 参与制订、组织实施公司供应链战略,建设发展供应链管理体系,为公司发展战略目标提供有力保障;
  • 负责建立和健全供应链流程体系,包括流程、制度等并对其进行后续的优化和改进;
  • 建立和健全供应商的开发、维护、跟踪及评估体系;
  • 最大限度地开发与整合利用资源合理控制采购成本;
  • 开发和审核新供应商,支持前端业务发展的需求;
  • 建设发展采购管理体系,监督和控制采购进度;
  • 不断完善采购流程和规章制度,确保高效、准确的运作;
  • 制定和修订仓库收发货、作业流程等管理制度,完善仓库管理的各项流程和标准。
  • 任职资格:
  • 本科以上学历, 物流相关专业优先;
  • 英语口语流利,听说读写优秀;
  • 7年以上物流采购工作经验,熟悉进出口、货运业务,熟悉仓储物流流程,有国际采购经验;
  • 精通供应链管理业务流程,如:库存管理、盘点等流程;
  • 精通SAP/ERP系统;
  • 优秀的沟通能力,团队管理能力;
  • 工作积极主动、认真负责,为人诚实守信、有良好的职业道德和抗压能力。
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  • CFO
  • Mechanical industry
  • Shanghai
  • 20 Sep 2018
  • 统筹上市公司的财务管理、资本市场管理对接,协助CEO及董事会参与企业战略的制定,参与制定上市公司经营发展的战略目标和方针路线;
  • 参与公司投融资、并购、重大经济合同、产权变动等重大事项的决策和实施,参与对重大投资项目和经营活动的风险评估,指导跟踪和财务风险的控制;
  • 制定集团中长期财务战略、财务规划,并推动落实,为公司各项决策提供依据,从财务角度论证可行性;
  • 负责集团预算管理控制工作;
  • 研究及评估会计准则对公司财务的影响,制定适合的会计政策;
  • 负责公司外部审计工作、税赋管理工作、资金调度管理工作以及财务体系建设工作;
  • 负责证券机构、审计机构、工商税务等外部机构联络工作。
  • 任职要求:
  • 45岁以下,财务、经济、审计、金融等相关专业硕士以上学历;
  • 英语流利,可在纯英文环境工作;
  • 国际公司管理经验; 累计财务相关工作经验不少于10年;
  • 精通财务、投资、金融及投资者关系专业知识,具备投资、财务管理、法律等方面的知识,有四大、大型投行高管职业背景优先。
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  • Sales Manager
  • Mechanical industry
  • Shanghai
  • 04 Jan 2018
  • 根据公司目标,协助上级制订年度、季度、月度销售计划;
  • 依据销售计划,参与制定和调整销售方案,并负责销售方案的实施 ;
  • 监督销售计划和方案的执行,并定期向上级领导汇报计划和方案的执行情况 ;
  • 调查、跟踪、分析客户需求,及时有效地提供客户服务;
  • 组织做好客户信息反馈和传递工作,妥善处理客户的意见和建议 ;
  • 在规定账期内收回货款 ;
  • 任职资格:
  • 高水平的个人资料;
  • 至少10-15名当地销售工程师的管理经验(在过去2 - 3年中由于他的贡献而持续增长的公司);
  • 在生产机床(最好)或自动系统的欧洲公司的中国分公司担任销售经理至少10年;
  • 年龄:35-50岁;
  • 居住在上海;
  • 具有良好的表达能力和沟通能力;
  • 了解国内同类产品的销售趋势,熟悉本公司产品的详细情况、各种销售渠道;
  • 英语听说读写熟练。
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